Dr. Jonathan Little

The Exercise, Metabolism and Inflammation Lab – EMIL for short –  is run by Dr. Jonathan Little, an  Assistant Professor in the School or Health and Exercise Sciences within the Faculty of Health and Social Development.

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  1. amber

    Very interested i have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes after my 3 pregnancy and if I loose wieght I may be able to get rid of this and help motivation would be amazing

  2. Roni Sherlow

    Hi, I’m a 59 yo asthmatic, overweight, Type 2, high blood pressure, with anxiety/depression. I had 2 children via c-sections 35 years ago. I’ve had weight issues that began with my first pregnancy in 1981/82. I ate well nutritionally, always have, but gained 70lbs at term. I even maintained my aquafit program, and jept skiing until I was 6 months pregnant. My due date was July 1st. At 2 weeks overdue I was induced without results. My conceiving dates were questioned so it was decided to see what the next week brings. I still did not show signs of labour in any progress. On July 25th I was induced again, it did not begin any labour., not even any muscle movement, cramps, or pain. However my baby was showing signs of distress so within 1/2 hour, he was born by
    c-section. Healthy except wet-lung, and 8lbs11oz. The doctors were able to tell afterwards that I was indeed well past my due date. Then 2 1/2 years later in 1985 my daughter was born via c-section but at 3 weeks early this time due to toxemia. She was healthy and weighed 4lbs10oz. Healthy kids all their lives thank goodness. With my daughter I gained 50lbs., adding to the weight I already had gained. My weight continuously, and gradually climbed to a weight of 300lbs. I was always very conscientious of eating healthy, with regular exercise but the weight climb didn’t stop. In approximately 1997 I noticed a tingling in my feet. My doctor sent to an endocrinologist. He put me on Metformin, and diagnosed me with Pcos, possible 8nsulin resistance, and very high cortisol levels. My A1C was 5.4 if I remember correctly. With that knowledge, Metformin, and eating healthy, I still gained weight no matter what I did including exercise. There were no changes, I was frustrated, I actually kept cutting back calories because I didnt know any better regarding metabolism, never did indulge in sweets, pop etc so that wasn’t a problem. I also didn’t eat fats in any form because I believed they were the worst thing anyone could put in their bodies. I didn’t drink alcohol either, and I even refrained from coffee drinking because for me that would have required milk or cream, so I stayed with plain tea. I started researching things about 2006, and found Atkins, and South Beach. I decided to follow an Atkins regime and very quickly lost 70lbs. I kept it off for almost 8 years. Gradually almost all the 70lbs came back, and I feel its because I some how stopped adhering 100% to Atkins. I knew I needed to. I knew it was all or nothing but I couldn’t seem to get myself back on track. Well this past year I’ve been interested in starting Ketogenic because I read it can reverse insulin resistance. I find the macro part daunting but I am now reading Dr.Fungs books to help me understand and get started. I don’t go to aquafit right now, but I do walk. Well I hope this was enough info, hopefully not more than what you required, but I am very intrigued and interested in your study. Kind Regards, Roni S

  3. Nancy

    I am interested in the study however the site does not seem to direct me to where I can apply

  4. GWEN

    I am interested in the study as I have inflammation and diabetes

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