UBC Weight Loss App Study

A randomized controlled trial comparing weight loss effects between the Keyto virtual “ketogenic diet” program compared to a standard-care weight loss app.

Ketogenic diets are gaining popularity for weight loss and metabolic health but sticking to them can be challenging. With external funding support through Mitacs, EMIL has partnered with California-based Keyto Inc. who has developed a handheld monitor that allows an individual to measure the level of ketones in their breath. The Keyto breath sensor is coupled with a mobile phone application (“app”) emphasizing a plant and fish-centered nutrition program called “Key Eats” as well as resources including a searchable database of foods to eat or avoid, recipes, meal plans and other resources. The overall program is designed to help an individual start and stick to a low-carbohydrate, high fat, or ketogenic diet. In this randomized controlled trial, we will compare the Keyto program to the “gold-standard” Weight Watchers (WW) app to determine which approach might be best for promoting weight loss and improving metabolic health.